Is social media changing customer service?  |  Collaboration 

Note: This is a collaborative post. 

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Traditionally social media was a place to catch up with friends and share your life. Now people use it to find out what’s happening around the world, watch celebrities and get in touch with companies. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram people now have a platform where they can speak and comment directly to companies and brands which is great in a way but I also think it can be quite detrimental. It’s a way that people can share good comments, praise and questions but it is also used to complain and to single people out from certain companies which I feel can be unfair. What shocks me the most though is that some people have social media accounts (mainly twitter) that is used solely for complaining to companies!!

I can understand why people use twitter to complain though as it is a way of getting your thoughts and feeling to companies and because it’s a public forum, companies are more inclined to reply quickly as no one likes bad press. Let’s take travel for example. People use Twitter not only to check if trains are on time but also to complain when they aren’t. When it comes to train and tramlines, customers need a speedy response from the customer service team. This may actually be the difference between catching your new service just in time or missing it and having to wait an hour or so for the next one.

CALLCARE wanted to find out how long it took customer service accounts in the UK for train and tram companies to respond to tweets from customers. By looking at their Twitter feeds, they found an average of how long each company took to respond. There were definitely some surprising stats due to the fast-paced nature of the industry and there were some stark differences between travel providers.

The worst response time was from London Overground as they took an average of 98.9 minutes to respond. When you compare that to CRC Rail Limited (aka C2C) who respond in an average time of  minutes, it makes you question why there is such a huge difference. In a world where social media is so important, why aren't companies investing more money in manning their profiles so that consumers and customers get a speedy response?

Have you ever headed to social media to talk about great service or poor service? How quick did you get a response? Let me know in the comments.

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