Half term fun with Milly & Flynn  |  Review 

October half term can be so draining!! The weather is usually naff, the kids are tired after their first half term back at school and everywhere is rammed as people try to entertain their children. That’s why we always try to have some indoor activities at the ready for those days where we want to stay home in the dry but not get bored out of our brains and end up climbing the walls. Recently we were sent some brilliant rainy day 3D puzzles from Milly & Flynn and the other day we put one to the test and it didn't disappoint.

Get “revved up” for Ricky Zoom!! | Review

Note - this is a paid for review of the new Ricky Zoom TV show but all opinions are honest and my own. 

If you're anything like me then what your kids watch on TV has to fit a bit of a criteria. Firstly, I usually have to watch it too so it needs to be something that isn't mind numbingly boring or toe curlingly annoying (yeah I'm looking at you Peppa pig!!). Next, I like it if the programmes we have on has some kind of educational or moral benefit. Finally it's always great if it has a catchy theme tune as who doesn't love a good theme tune! It can be quite hard to find something that ticks all of these boxes when it comes to kids TV shows but recently I've found one that is perfect!

Ricky Zoom!! 


Things to do in Essex this Halloween! | Blog

Finding things to do during the school holidays can be difficult. Not because there isn’t enough on offer, in fact it’s quite the opposite. During the October half term it’s Halloween and it feels like everywhere is offering something Halloween themed. There is SO much to do that it can sometimes be difficult to find the really great stuff that’s worth while doing in among all of the other things so I wanted to share with you my top picks for things to do in Essex this Halloween!

NOTE - This is my own thoughts and opinions on what we have enjoyed this Halloween and during past half terms. NONE of the events/attractions featured in this post have paid me or offered entry in return for inclusion in this post BUT I have previously been gifted tickets for events and attractions in return for social media posts but this does not effect my thoughts and feelings on the below listed attractions and events.

Marsh Farm Halloween Festival - 

We were very kindly gifted entry into the Marsh Farm Halloween festival last weekend and I can honestly say that it was one of the best Halloween events we have been to before. I was amazed at how much was included in the entry ticket. The 'on the door' price for anyone over the age of 2 (under 2's are free) is £15.50, although if you book online in advance then it's only £12.50 and included in that price you get entry to the farm, access to all of the amazing Halloween themed special activities plus a free pumpkin for every child ticket holder that can be picked in the Pumpkin Village. Amazing right? The Halloween activities are super fun too! I was pulled up to join in (and won!!) a dance off during the Monsters Balls, Pickle had the best time walking through the Boo Barn and loved watching the witches make their potions in the witches show. All of that plus a chance to see all the farm animals, loads of amazing play areas to run around, bouncy pillow, in door soft play and so much more! The Marsh Farm Halloween Festival runs from October 18th until November 1st so much sure you grab your tickets now!!


Me and my Cup | Blog

If you follow me on social media then you will know that a few months ago I decided that I was going to try using a menstrual cup. I wanted to try it mainly for the eco side of things. I hated the idea of all the pads and tampons I'd used over the years contributing to our already worsening climate crisis. I also had heard that it was mean to be better for people who had bad cramping. Finally it is obviously a lot more cost effective to use a cup as they are a one time, reusable investment so as far as I could see it was a win/win situation. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the thing that most women are nervous about and that is the whole inserting and taking out business...more on that later!


You tired hun?? |  Blog

It’s 4am, all the world is asleep. All but you, you don’t count no sheep!

Sleep is for the weak or so you seem to think, that’s why coffee has become my most needed drink.

You go to bed fine, with sleepy cuddles and a kiss and sometimes I even feel like during the night it’s you that I’ll miss.

But I don’t need to worry, I don’t need to fear for at 4am I’ll hear that scream so loud and so near.

You seem to think it’s morning, though the moon is in the sky. We leave you in your cot for a while and just let you cry.

But no, you aren’t having it, you want the day to start. We leave you for as long as we can although it slowly breaks my heart.

Eventually at 5am whilst the outside world is still, I bring you downstairs to snuggle and sleep (at least, I hope you will).

You start of lying still as I stroke your soft, blonde hair but eventually you’ve had enough and you’re climbing all over the chair.

Before I know it you are off and playing with your toys. I shush you “don’t wake your brother” I say, as you make all the noise!

You play and play only stopping when you want a mummy cuddle. You start to waiver, you get tired and things become a muddle.

You start to whinge and get annoyed at every little thing. I try to get you to snuggle up but you won’t let the need for sleep win.

Eventually it’s 7am and your brother jumps down each stair. It’s breakfast time now, the time for sleep is over, as if you care!

You eat your toast and drink your milk, maybe you don’t need sleep after all. I get the clothes and pack the bag, it’s Monday after all.

Then from your chair I hear a sound I desperately wanted to hear. But not now, not at 7.30..if it was 5am I’d cheer!

But is not, it’s morning and Pickles got school and I’ve got work you see. But you don’t care, because your asleep in highchair as peaceful as can be!!!


Settling down | Blog 

Hello??? It's me... (if you didn't read that in the style of Adele then who even are you?!)
There a few tumble weeds blowing through this blog as it’s been a while since I’ve actually written regularly on here. I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my blog recently as I’ve preferred to post on social media as it’s so much quicker and more convenient (see my last post all about that here) but then again, I’ve missed being able to let all the words tumble out of me and to catch them all on paper (or screen... you know what I mean!) So where have I been? Well life feels like it was shaken around a bit recently but it finally feel like everything has settled down, for now anyway!


Is Blogging Dead?  |  Blog

I started blogging almost 4 years ago and back then it was so different. I wrote about whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to with no thoughts given to SEO, page views or followers. I wrote because it gave me a creative outlet and made me feel less alone whilst I was on maternity leave. There was also a little community that I found through blogging. Like minded people who also wrote about parenting and shared their lives across social media. Sometimes you even saw those people at events and conferences and it was always strange because you’d never met them face to face before but you knew everything about each others lives as you read their blogs. There was linkies everywhere you looked. People commented on blog posts and shared them. Brands and companies wanted to work with bloggers. They wanted to send you products and pay you to write about them because your voice was valuable and relatively unique. I loved blogging and the world that it threw me into but 4 years down the line, that world is now a very different place.


Working with your partner to stay happy | Collaboration

person holding balloons

A successful relationship and a successful marriage are all about partnership. When you’re young, it’s easy.
You and your partner have your whole life ahead of you; you’re excited about the future, you’re ready to take
each day as it comes. You plan holidays, your wedding and honeymoon, your future home, your kid’s names,
and all the little things in between that make up a relationship. You support them, and they support you.