Get “revved up” for Ricky Zoom!! | Review

Note - this is a paid for review of the new Ricky Zoom TV show but all opinions are honest and my own. 

If you're anything like me then what your kids watch on TV has to fit a bit of a criteria. Firstly, I usually have to watch it too so it needs to be something that isn't mind numbingly boring or toe curlingly annoying (yeah I'm looking at you Peppa pig!!). Next, I like it if the programmes we have on has some kind of educational or moral benefit. Finally it's always great if it has a catchy theme tune as who doesn't love a good theme tune! It can be quite hard to find something that ticks all of these boxes when it comes to kids TV shows but recently I've found one that is perfect!

Ricky Zoom!! 

Ricky Zoom is a little red motor bike who lives in Wheelford with his family and friends. Ricky is more than just a motor bike though, he has the tools to become a rescue bike just like his Mum and dad so he is always on hand to help out those in need. The show joins Ricky and his loyal friends DJ Rumbler, Wizzbang, Scootio and Loop Hoopla or the ' bike buddies' as they are also known, as they race around, try out new stunts and team up for adventures together. The show is all about friendship and compassion. It has a real sense of team spirit and teaching children to help each other and be kind which I love.

Pickles favourite character is Ricky Zoom himself as he's the kindest bike who is always there to help but he does also really like Steel Awesome who is Ricky's favourite super hero! All of the characters are great and bring a purpose to the show and have their own special traits.

We've watched quite a few episodes of Ricky Zoom together as it has become Pickle's go to show to watch after school. It has the BEST theme tune (listen to it if you don't believe me..you'll be singing it all day!) and it is filled with positive messages for children to learn from. You can catch Ricky Zoom every Saturday and Sunday on Nick Jnr.

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