Half term fun with Milly & Flynn  |  Review 

October half term can be so draining!! The weather is usually naff, the kids are tired after their first half term back at school and everywhere is rammed as people try to entertain their children. That’s why we always try to have some indoor activities at the ready for those days where we want to stay home in the dry but not get bored out of our brains and end up climbing the walls. Recently we were sent some brilliant rainy day 3D puzzles from Milly & Flynn and the other day we put one to the test and it didn't disappoint.

We decided to give the 3D giraffe puzzle a whirl and it kept Pickle busy and entertained for a good hour or so which is HUGE!! This activity is formed of 3 foam bards which are covered in pre-cut shapes. You have to pop the shapes out of the holes to make the main puzzle pieces and then there are lots of smaller pieces that you pop out and then have to place inside the main shapes, just like a puzzle. I found that it was challenging enough to keep Pickle entertained but not too hard that he had to ask for help every 5 seconds.

The other really important thing I want to mention is the quality of the 3D puzzle. We’ve done a few activities like this before and I’ve found that they can sometimes be a bit flimsy especially when a 5 year old is trying to pop out the small piece of foam. The Milly & Flynn foam boards were the perfect mix of strong enough not to snap but easy enough for Pickle to pop the pieces out independently. It was also a really good size when it was built and was sturdy enough for him to play around with which I was really pleased about. There is something about toys and activities where the children have to build them but then they have no after play abilities. All the Milly & Flynn items seem to have thought about this as not only are they an activity for them to make, they have thought about how children can continue playing afterwards.

The fun doesn't have to end after you've built the giraffe either as Milly & Flynn have a whole herd available to build including a crocodile (which is our next mission), lion, panda and an elephant. They are priced at £7.99 each at the moment which I think is an absolute bargain! These would make the perfect stocking filler.

You can find the full Milly & Flynn range here.

Note: we were sent these puzzles in return for our honest review on this blog.

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