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I started blogging almost 4 years ago and back then it was so different. I wrote about whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to with no thoughts given to SEO, page views or followers. I wrote because it gave me a creative outlet and made me feel less alone whilst I was on maternity leave. There was also a little community that I found through blogging. Like minded people who also wrote about parenting and shared their lives across social media. Sometimes you even saw those people at events and conferences and it was always strange because you’d never met them face to face before but you knew everything about each others lives as you read their blogs. There was linkies everywhere you looked. People commented on blog posts and shared them. Brands and companies wanted to work with bloggers. They wanted to send you products and pay you to write about them because your voice was valuable and relatively unique. I loved blogging and the world that it threw me into but 4 years down the line, that world is now a very different place.

Blogging seems to have branched off and evolved into a whole new creature. Blogs just aren’t written on a blogger or wordpress page anymore. People blog via social media. They don’t write on their own website and have to worry about maintaining it or thinking about the tech side of it. People use Facebook and Instagram to document their lives and share their thoughts and that becomes a blog. It's quick (for both the 'blogger' and the reader), it's simple and it give instant results. People want things yesterday so by posting on social media people get to see whatever is being posted pretty much instantly and the person publishing it gets an instant response in the form of comments and likes. It's not like when you would write a whole blog post like this and then you'd have to share it or hope that someone would stumble across it otherwise it would never get seen. This new breed of 'bloggers' are becoming increasingly popular with people setting up insta or facebook accounts and gaining thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers within months. I do sometimes feel a slight resentment towards these people as I always question if I only had to focus on one platform would I smash it out the park too rather than just plodding along on a blog and 3 other social media sites? I actually wrote about this more a couple of months ago if you want to read more of my ramblings. Click here to have look

The blogging world seems to have been come overwhelmed with 'bloggers' in this last year. I say 'bloggers' in inverted commas because, to me, a blogger is someone who has a website and blogs on that site. Thanks to the rise of social media everyone is now a 'blogger' pretty much which is great in some respect as I am all for people sharing their stories and helping others feel less isolated and alone but on the flip side it has made it even harder to stand out. More and more people are seeing the success of online influencers who call themselves 'bloggers' and are jumping on board via social media rather than actually writing blogs. People don't have the time to invest on creating blogs anymore and I don't think a lot of people actually enjoy reading blogs anymore. It requires time, concentration and focus which a lot of us (myself included) don't often have much of.

The last thing that makes me think that blogging in it's traditional sense is dying is the way that blogging work has been recently. A couple of years ago I was easily making a minimum of £100 per month from my blog. That may not seem like a huge amount to some but it was great for me as blogging isn't my full time job and it was just a nice extra. In this past 6 months the paid work has literally disappeared. The last 2 months I have made a big fat ZERO each month. My content hasn't changed. My website hasn't changed.  Nothing that I do has changed so what has happened? Well part of me thinks that all of the uncertainty with Breixt has had a huge impact on things. Brands and companies aren't going to be focusing funds on advertising with bloggers when they need to make sure they are still going to be able to trade after 31st October. I also feel that brands and companies are forgetting the value of bloggers. They see online influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers and would rather spend their budget there than with the smaller people with blogs.

I wondered if it was just me that felt like this? Maybe I was feeling a little bit 'sour grapes' because it's been quite for me or something. So, I asked some of my fellow bloggers what they thought and this is what they had to say:

' Like many bloggers, I started blogging as an outlet, somewhere I could share my thoughts and feelings about life, family, whatever. In my case, I moaned about the lack of childcare for the first two years. However, many bloggers, including myself, have gone on to make their blogs into a source of income, a business. Juggling the demands of everything in their lives around trying to make a living and as a result, some of the supportive community and network has fallen by the wayside. Not in an act of not wishing to be there for others, it's just that it can often be the easiest ball to drop when life is hectic.' - Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too

'The amount of work that goes into a blog review compared to someone who only has to share a story or photo on instagram and gets the same amount of product or payment... It's making less people want to even bother having a blog!' - Ayse from Coffee and Cwtches

'I think society is becoming too lazy to read anything anymore. They only want to absorb video content be it on Facebook, Instastories, YouTube or any of those platforms. To click through and actually have to read a whole blog post is taking them too long, they just want to the message in video format (with subtitles). So yes, that is why I think blogging is dying out.' - Carly from Mom of two little girls 

'I don't think it's dying at all I think it's flourishing. Pinterest is so popular and 99% of pins link to blog posts. Yes it's changed in some ways but people consume information and stories online more and more now so I don't think it's going anywhere.' - Jenny from Parent Blogging Secrets

From the sounds of it a lot of bloggers are on the same side of the fence as me but it a way I hope that I am wrong. I love my blog and the outlet it brings me so I hope that they don't become a thing of the past too soon!

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