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It’s 4am, all the world is asleep. All but you, you don’t count no sheep!

Sleep is for the weak or so you seem to think, that’s why coffee has become my most needed drink.

You go to bed fine, with sleepy cuddles and a kiss and sometimes I even feel like during the night it’s you that I’ll miss.

But I don’t need to worry, I don’t need to fear for at 4am I’ll hear that scream so loud and so near.

You seem to think it’s morning, though the moon is in the sky. We leave you in your cot for a while and just let you cry.

But no, you aren’t having it, you want the day to start. We leave you for as long as we can although it slowly breaks my heart.

Eventually at 5am whilst the outside world is still, I bring you downstairs to snuggle and sleep (at least, I hope you will).

You start of lying still as I stroke your soft, blonde hair but eventually you’ve had enough and you’re climbing all over the chair.

Before I know it you are off and playing with your toys. I shush you “don’t wake your brother” I say, as you make all the noise!

You play and play only stopping when you want a mummy cuddle. You start to waiver, you get tired and things become a muddle.

You start to whinge and get annoyed at every little thing. I try to get you to snuggle up but you won’t let the need for sleep win.

Eventually it’s 7am and your brother jumps down each stair. It’s breakfast time now, the time for sleep is over, as if you care!

You eat your toast and drink your milk, maybe you don’t need sleep after all. I get the clothes and pack the bag, it’s Monday after all.

Then from your chair I hear a sound I desperately wanted to hear. But not now, not at 7.30..if it was 5am I’d cheer!

But is not, it’s morning and Pickles got school and I’ve got work you see. But you don’t care, because your asleep in highchair as peaceful as can be!!!

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