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Christmas time is special for everyone but when you have children it takes on a whole new meaning. Since having children, Christmas has become even more magically and I've fallen in love with the festive period even more. I think it's important for children to understand the meaning behind Christmas but lets face facts, the presents are always going to be an exciting thing for children. Seeing my boys faces as they come down stairs and seeing the presents under the tree that Santa has brought is a highlight of Christmas Day for me and I thought I'd share with you some of the things that Santa will be leaving under our tree this year in case you need any ideas for your little ones.

Note: Some of these items were sent to us for the purpose of this post but all opinions and honest and my own. 

Shake Off Game - Argos £14.00

Pickle is at the age where he loves board games but it can sometimes be hard to play them as Smidge likes to get involved and usually ends up stealing the dice or the pieces. That is why I've got Pickle Shake Off for Christmas. I think he will love it as it's a game we can all play and look silly whilst doing it and I love the fact that Smidge can join in to without worry of him wreaking the game. Shake Off is a fun fitness game where you where a Shake-o-meter and have to out shake your opponent. Where you put the Shake-o-meter is determined by a spinner and you can shake it how ever you like; running, jumping, shimmying etc. Simple fun for all the family!

BoomTrix Multiball Pack - Smyths £29.99

This is something that Pickle saw advertised on TV and put straight onto his Christmas list. This is basically like the old school marble tracks that you used to get when I was little but times one thousand!! Gone are the little tubes for the marble to roll down. They've been replaced with launch towers, trampolines and stints! The thing I love about this toy is that it will encourage Pickle to think about the science behind the marble moving as he can set his own tracks up and get creative. The other thing I love about this is that there are no batteries required which is a bonus when ever single thing under the tree seems to need a different sized batteries now days!!

TOMY Toomies Octopals - Smyths £10.99 

Bath toys are always a winner when it comes to small children as they can go mouldy so quickly. Smidge got a few bath toys last year and I ended up keeping some of them in the cupboard and bringing them out when his went yuk. This bath toy for TOMY is fab and I think Smidge is going to love it. The Mummy Octopus in the middle detached and becomes a pouring cup and then all the little baby octopuses come off to and they can be squeezed or stuck onto the side of the bath. Them when bath time is over the all come back together to make tidying up quick and easy.

Balloon Fun by Lottie Moore - Amazon £3.00

This book was sent to us for the boys and it is such a wonderful gift to put under the tree for any little one this Christmas. Balloon fun follows the adventures of two cheeky balloons called Healy & Hasty whose only aim in life is to make children smile. This book has beautiful illustrations and is a lovely, inexpensive gift in my opinion.

Wooden Kitchen - ASDA £45

Smidges main present this year (although I am sure both boys will play with it as things like this don't really have an age limit) is a wooden kitchen. Whenever we go to stay and play he always loves playing with the kitchen and we thought it would be a great Christmas gift for him. I looked around and found this one from ASDA and had an absolute result with it! It was reduced to £35 when I brought it plus they were doing 2-% off their wooden toys so we brought Smidge the kitchen, a food set and a breakfast set with a toaster and things for just under £50! I was amazed!! If you're little one wants a kitchen this year then I'd recommend checking ASDA out as they have some great deal!

Blo Pens by John Adams  - Toys 'n' Tuck £8.99

Pickle is a real arts and crafts lover (hence his most wished for gift that you'll find further on in this guide) and these Blo Pens are the perfect stocking filler for him. I remember having pens like this as a child where you blow into them and then use a stencil to create colourful designs. We've got Pickle the neon and the shimmer sets which I think he will love and at under £10 each I think they are a bargain too!

Whoopee Doo game - Smyths £13.99

Find me a child who doesn't think that fart noises are funny! Smidge is 18 months and even he thinks that fart noises are hilarious. That is why I think this game is going to be a winner this Christmas. Basically you sit on the whoopee cushion, take a card and have to complete the challenge on the card before the time runs out and the whoppee cushion lets out a toot! Hilarious, childish fun! What more could you want?!

Little Brian Paint Sticks 2 in 1 Art Station - Smyths £29.99

This is the ONE thing that Pickle is desperate for this year! He has some paint sticks already but when he saw the art station he knew it was the one! This art station is double sided (whiteboard and chalkboard) has storage for all your paint sticks and chalk sticks and is portable and easy to hold. He is desperate for this for Christmas and I can't wait to see his face when he opens it on Christmas day!

So there you have it! What have your little ones asked for this Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

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