Dinner time for Maisie! | Hill' s Dog Food Review

Note: This dog food was sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

Our Cockapoo pup is a bit of a madame when it comes to food. She always has been and I think she always will be. When we first brought her home we were feeding her the dry food that the breeder told us to give her. She would eat it but she would never scoff it down like dogs are known to do. Then as she started to get older, she started to get fussy and we thought it was just her being a pain in the bum. She stopped eating her dry food so we tried her on wet food. She loved it but we hated it as it stank, made her breath really smell and it was irritating her skin. She was licking herself like crazy so we took her to the vets who said that she had sensitive skin and it would be food that was affecting her skin. We tried to meet her in the middle and gave her dried food mixed in with some wet which she was okay with but she would leave some and would take a long time to eat it so we knew she didn't really like it. At the start of the year we learnt a bit about raw food as my mother in law had started giving her dog raw food. We tried it with Maisie and she loved it and it stopped her licking but it didn't seem to fill her up like the dry food did. We decided to just leave her on the raw food and see how she went. She loves it and her skin was doing really well but the only downside was the amount she was eating. This was why, when Hill's asked us if we wanted to try their Science Plan Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult Dog Food with Chicken, I said yes!

If I'm being honest, I was a little bit nervous about introducing a new food to Maisie because of her history. I didn't know if she'd eat it and I was worried in case it irritated her skin. But thankfully Hill's pet food has been brilliant! Maisie literally inhales her food and loves the biscuit. It hasn't caused her any skin problems and because the food is filled with vitamin C and Omega-6 it means that it is actually helping her skin. You can get a huge bag for just £20.00 and the bag as a resealed top which is great for us because it stops Smidge from being able to break into it and pinch some. Yes he's a toddler and yes he would eat dog food...it wouldn't be the first time!! 

I've been really impressed with Hill's and will definitely be getting some more for Maisie when we run out! You can see their full range over on their website here.

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