Hatchimals Royal Snowball Pixies | Review

Pickle has always been the type of child that loves small toys. He’s always loved figurines and little toys he can play with and create a story with. He also (like pretty much every other child in the world!) lives blind bags and surprise eggs. I think that’s why Hatchimals have become a firm favourite of his in the past year. Getting an egg that you need to cuddle and warm up so that it will crack and you’ll find out what hatchimal is inside is a winning formula in this house so when we were asked if we wanted to review the Hatichmals Royal Snow Ball Pixies from the new series, I knew Pickle would love it!!

This range is different to the others that Pickle has had before as it is a one large egg rather than a collection of smaller eggs and I was concerned that Pickle wouldn’t enjoy it for that reason but I was wrong. The big eggs come with multiple surprises inside which Pickle loved!

In our egg we had a beautiful, glittery hair pixie which came with a crown, sunglasses and even her own little spinning podium so that you can do “fashion shows” according to Pickle!

Since he opened it, he’s played with his little pixie friend non stop. She came to the woods with us and has been in the bath too! This toy is the perfect size for popping into your pocket without it being too small that you could loose it.

For just £7.99 I think these are great value for money. They would be an ideal gift for a stocking filler or, because they are slightly larger, to go under the tree at Christmas time!

Note - this item was sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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