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I started blogging way back in 2015 when Pickle was called Bubba and there were no plans for anymore babies. I was on maternity leave and felt quite lonely. I'd done what most new Mum's do and googled pretty much every single symptom and thing since giving birth and that has pointed me in the direction of quite a few blogs. After reading blogs and following a few mummy bloggers I decided to set up a blog for myself and 'My Mummy Spam' became my little corner of the internet to write whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to write it. I used to look forward to nap time as that became blogging time and I always found that I had something to write about and I wrote about pretty much everything! I was actually looking back through my old blog posts and one of them was about 5 lines long all about how Hubs had a sick bug and how I hoped that me and Pickle didn't get it. It was compelling stuff!!

As time when on, my blog picked up momentum and I became aware of things like SEO, back links and all the technical parts of blogging. It seemed like if I wanted to be 'successful' then I needed to learn about all these things and I needed to start writing with meaning and purpose rather than just waffling on. I did that for a while and I've now realised that THAT is how I feel out of love with blogging and why I have found it so hard to write recently. Its like my mind has become clouded by the need for things to be perfect and reader worthy when that wasn't what I started this for. I started this as a way for me to record my thoughts and feelings, like an online diary. Not to become a business or to worry about making money.

And that's a good job really as this blog doesn't really bring me any money any more. We are lucky enough to get the occasion product to review but as far as paid work goes, that's dried up. At first I was like 'well whats the point in blogging anymore...it's just extra stress I don't need' and then I went back and read some of my earlier posts. Back then I wrote because I loved it. I didn't care if a post didn't have lots of beautiful pictures or meaningful links. I didn't care if it was topical or formatted in the best way for SEO. I wrote because I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences and I am so pleased that I did. I used to love blogging and it only changed when I started to put pressure on myself.

So from no on I want to get back to blogging for me. I will write what I want, when I want and I will get that passion back again. Even writing this post has filled me with inspiration and I now have a list of 3 other posts that I really want to write but nap times over so for now it will just have to wait.

But I WILL be back...

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