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In recent year Christmas seems to have become all about the money. Having the best Christmas decorations in the street, mountains if presents sacked under the tree, having loads of food and drink piled into the fridge, throwing big Christmas parties and sending Christmas cards to every Tom, Dick and Harry you've ever met. It all costs money and it's not really what Christmas is about. Christmas should be about spending time with your loved ones, giving meaningful gifts and spreading a bit of Christmas cheer wherever you go. It doesn't have to cost a silly amount of money and it certainly doesn't have to get you into debt that you'll be paying off until next Christmas.

When it comes to Christmas spending the first thing to do is to realistically set yourself a budget. Think about what you have to pay out for each month and then see what you've got left. Using an online spending diagnosis tool is a great way to find out where your spending your money each month and to see if there is anywhere that you can cut down to save some money for the festive period. 

Once you know what kind of budget you are working with then try your best to stick to it. It can be so easy to compare your Christmas to what we see on social media. Lounges filled to the brim with hundreds of presents for one child. Children don't need that much! Think about your childhood. Do you remember all the presents you got over the years or do you remember the special presents that meant the most? This year hubs and I said that we were going to try to be more eco and spend smart, we weren't going to buy lots of presents for the kids at birthdays etc as they don't really need it. Instead we'd buy them a few presents that they really wanted and then we'd take them out somewhere and make memories with them. We also asked the same of our families when we turned 30. We didn't want any 'things' so we asked to spend time with them or go out with them and it was perfect! Instead of having a house filled with things that we didn't need or want, we had a heart full of memories that we've treasured ever since. If you've got a budget to think about this Christmas (as I'm sure that 90% of us do!) then think about gifting people your time rather than spending lots of money on them. Time is sometimes worth a lot more than material things. 

So this during the festive period this year, shop smart and be sensible. No one would ever want you to put yourself into debt buying presents so think about how much you have to spend on Christmas and try to stick with a budget and remember that time is often more valuable than gifts. 

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