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There is so much that the average person has to take care of. Lugging groceries, school runs, park trip, work, homework, cleaning, cooking, and everything in between. Combine that with the fact that most of us need more water, more sleep and a better range of vitamins and minerals in their diet and BAM - a lot of people working at 50%. 

Just like batteries, people need to be recharged too. And that doesn’t just happen. You have to make time for it. Make time for yourself. 

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So here are some tips to help you make the most of your recharge time. 


Because you ideally want to be able to quickly access things like your knees, hop in the shower and feel like you’re being hugged right after, there is nothing better than personalised bathrobes to do it in. When you have something to wear that has the sole purpose of being your best friend during these few hours which are dedicated to making you feel divine. 

Hot Shower

Although unwinding in the bath is incredible. A shower is probably a better place to go through your skincare and hair care. Make sure the water is the perfect temperature and get your skin and hair nice and damp. Ensure the bathroom is warm too. Slick a hair mask and wrap your hair in a towel. 

Once your skin is damp, it’s time to get to work with an exfoliator. Go for one packed with oils and sugar. The sugar will gently remove the dry skin, and the oils will soak into your damp skin. 

After you’ve finished, your hair mask will have done its work, and you can hop back in the shower and rinse off the sugar and the hair mask. 


If you have a daily face routine, that is great - but are you remembering your body too? If not, you can use your recharge time to really give your body that extra burst of moisture. Knees, elbows and ankles often need more love. So give them a double helping. Add cream to those areas first, or a thicker all-purpose balm, and then layer on moisturiser too. If you don’t want to slather on unknown chemicals, then simple coconut oil will work its magic with ease. 


This is the perfect time for you to use a facemask or combine a few on your face for different reasons. For example, you may have a spot prone skin, but oily T-zone, and a dry forehead. So mix and match a range of clay masks to get the impact you are looking for. Remember that masks should be an addition to your everyday face care regime. 

Warm Drinks

Although you might be one for a nice crisp, cold, white wine - wait a minute. There are many more benefits for inside and out if you consider relaxing herbal tea. Herbal teas bring a lot to the table. They are relaxing first and foremost, but they have health benefits like being gentle on your gut and giving your skin a boost too. Chai tea latte, Tumeric latte and Matcha teas are all wonderfully calming and lend themselves to a recharge session. 


Have you ever watched a movie and wondered what the soundtrack to your life might look like? Well, spend some time ahead of the recharge session, putting a playlist together and play it, in all its glory when you are wandering around like a queen in a robe. 


It is the perfect time to add colour to your nails. And, if you have been letting your hair grow out and do as it wishes for a while, and skipped some hair appointments (or didn’t get around to doing your roots). Today is the day to get it done. Pick a nail colour that makes your happy, massage oil into your cuticles, and while that is soaking in, gentle file and buff your toenails too. Once it’s all soaked in, wipe away the excess and slick on two layers of your favourite colour. To finish the mani-pedi ensure you add a topcoat. 


This is the day that you are finally going to head to bed early. After drinking a warm herbal tea, with a fresh mani-pedi, glowing soft skin - on both face and body, and relaxed to the max. Try to ditch the phone rather than scroll social media, or opt to listen to a sleep story on the Calm app to help lull you off to the land of nod. 

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