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I've been an official school mum for the last 7 weeks and I've learnt a lot in that time! School mums seem to have a bit of reputation…before Pickle started school I thought that the school gates were going to be a little bit like that scene in Mean Girls where they are in the mall at the water fountain and everyone around Cady are like different animals? Know what I’m talking? If not, then you need to watch Mean Girls and come back to me! I was expecting to see all the different clicks like the fashionable mums, the PTA mums etc…thankfully Pickle’s school doesn’t seem like that, but I have certainly learnt a few things since he started school.

1.     First time school Mums are so obvious!
I am a first-time school Mum. This whole ‘having a child at school’ thing is totally alien to me and I am pretty uneducated with it all. It’s not the big thing like things they learn or uniform but it’s the little things like what time they go to lunch or what day Spanish club is on or when they start doing proper P.E ad need a winter P.E kit (yet that is a thing!!). Thankfully there a few second/third time round Mums in the Reception Group chat that are there to sort us first timers out.

2.     Class group chats are interesting…
I’m part of a class group chat which is brilliant in a way as it gives me a chance to ask if anyone has picked up Pickles jumper or coat when he loses and also is a way for us first timers mentioned above to ask our crazy questions. It’s also lovely to get to know the other Mum’s BUT beware…it can sometimes get a little competitive where homework or projects come into play. If you are going to get into a group chat, then make sure you aren’t the kind of person who compares themselves to others. I don’t have time to do Pickles homework for him so he will hand in what ever he does himself (with my supervision obviously!) whereas I’ve seen that some Mum’s will give a little more ‘guidance’ shall we say. Just be wary on a group chat and try to take things with a pinch of salt.

3.     The class toy is a PITA but the kids adore it!!!!
In Pickles class they have a class teddy bear that gets to come home for visits with each child. He comes in his own little rucksack and with a diary so that you document the adventures that the bear has. The kids absolute love it and Pickle talks about this bear on a weekly basis and can’t wait to bring him home again BUT I can!! It’s a lovely idea but when you see that super Mum Sandra who’s little girl had the bear last week has written a 3 page essay about the bears adventures along with stuck in memorabilia, multi coloured drawings and fancy fonts, it can feel like a bit of a competition. I work 3 days a week and then run this blog too so unless we get the bear over a weekend, there isn’t much for us to write about. It’s a real pain in the bum but Pickle loves it so I will wait for the beloved bear to come back to visit again soon!

4.     School Mums aren’t what they are made out to be
I don’t now if I am just lucky but all the Mums of the children from Pickle class seem lovely. Yes, there are some that are closer friends that others and that’s to be expected but there isn’t any cliques or different types of Mum groups. We are just all mothers trying to keep our shiz together whilst getting our kids into school happy and smiley. All the Mums that I know from school are lovely and willing to help each other where needed. It’s like a lovely little community and I hope it says that way.

So, there you have it. That’s what I’ve learn from the first half term of being a school Mum. It still feels weird to say that, but I suppose it’s going to be the way it is for the next 20 odd years!

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