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If you have been with me since the beginning of my blogging journey then you might remember that I used to do a weekly featured called 'Whats made me happy' and it was basically a way of me documenting and sharing all the things that had made me happy in the previous week. It was also a great way to prompt myself to write at least once a week so I've decided to bring it back!! So, without further ado...welcome to the relauched 'Wednesdays Whats Made Me Happy' or #WMMH as it will be known for short.

This week has been a bit of a funny one as it was half term but I was working so didn't get to spend as much time with Pickle as I would have liked. Smidge was also struck down with a sick bug towards the end of the week too so my days with the kids were spent indoors but that doesn't mean that there was a lack of happy things for the week.

1. We did a Halloween Hunt
It was Halloween last week and Pickle had spoken about going trick or treating. I was really keen because the whole idea of it doesn't sit well with me as when (apart from Halloween) would you let your kids walk round the streets in the dark, knocking on strangers doors, asking for sweets?? You wouldn't, so why is Halloween any different. But on the flip side I didn't want Pickle to miss out so my lovely friend gave me the idea of doing a Halloween hunt around the house. It's basically like an Easter Egg hunt but for Halloween treats rather than eggs. We out on some Halloween music, dimmed the lights and let Pickle hunt round the house for his Halloween treats. He loved it, we stayed in all nice and warm and it felt a lot safer than knocking on everyones doors.

 2. I hit 5k on Instagram!!
It might have taken me 4 bloody years but I finally did it! I finally hit 5k followers on Instagram and I feel pretty pleased about it. I know it's only a number but it feels like it's been a bit of a long slog as I don't do themed posts and/or lots of giveaways so my followers are all organic and come to see me and what I do. 5k was my goal for the end of the year so now I've got to start plugging away towards that elusive 10k and the magical swipe up!! One can dream!

3. I organised my life
I spent a bit of time last week sitting down and organising my diary and that’s basically it. I’m happiest when I’m organised and things are planned and that’s how I feel right now so I’m happy. We’ve got some super fun events and trips planned as a family in the coming weeks which I’m looking forward to and I’m so excited to share the details about them with you soon!!

4. I met a lovely online friend that I’d never met in real life before!!
Last week the lovey Ayse from Coffee and Cwtches was down my way visiting family and we managed to meet up for a drink and it was brilliant! Ayse and I have been chatting online for ages so finally getting to meet her face to face was lovely. She was just as wonderful as I thought she’d be and it was brilliant to get out the house and have a bit of me time for a couple of hours.

So there you have it. That’s what I’ve been loving this week. Keep an eye out next week for another edition of #WMMH

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