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We all know that there can be much to love about the festive period, but it’s not all good times,
Christmas lights, and presents. There’s a more negative aspect to the yuletide season, too: it can be
pretty stressful. With so much attention focused on this time of year and so many things to see and
do, it’s inevitable that some stress will creep in at some point. The good news is that there are things
you can do that’ll work to limit the stress factors. We take a look at six tried and tested tips below,
which will help ensure that your Christmas is nothing but fun, fun, fun.

Get Organised

Everything is stressful if there’s not enough time to get everything done. You know that the festive
period is on its way, so use the time that you have now to get as much organised as possible. That
means ordering your presents, planning any excursions, and ensuring that you have everything in the
house to have a memorable time. Things become a lot more complicated if you’re trying to get
everything done when there’s just no time to work with. Plus, who wants to be shopping on the high
street on Christmas Eve? Not us! 

The Money Situation

There’s sometimes no getting around the fact that Christmas can be expensive. While you can limit
the number of presents you buy and parties you attend, you will have to spend money on a little of
both. And it becomes a lot more difficult to enjoy the festive period if you’re forever wondering about
your bank balance. One of the more frustrating aspects of Christmas is that it falls just before payday,
when our bank balance is at its lowest. However, there are ways to get more money in your bank
account for when you need at most; you just need to look at payday loans uk bad credit. You’ll be
able to spend money at Christmas, safe in the knowledge that you can repay the loan once your
wages have been paid in by your employer. 

Learn to Say No

You’ll always be on the edge of stress if you have to run from one engagement to the next, with no
breaks in between. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is learning the art of saying no. This
will allow you to spend at least some time relaxing and enjoying yourself at home. Indeed, it can be
somewhat liberating, deciding to say to no to an invite and do something for yourself. Of course, in
some cases you might be saying yes for reasons you don’t fully understand -- this is probably
‘FOMO.’ You don’t have to attend every single event. There will be plenty of time to get out and see
people. If you’re going to say no an invite, you can keep stress at bay by understanding that it was
the right decision.

Limit the Alcohol

There are some triggers that you’ll want to keep in mind, too, such as alcohol. There’s nothing better
than having a few celebratory drinks with your loved ones when Christmas rolls around, but it’s not
advisable to take it too far. If you end up having a few days of steady drinking, then you’ll find that
everything becomes a lot more difficult. You’ll be tired, you’ll be irritable, you’ll cause unnecessary
problems -- and all of these things will keep relaxation at bay. Learn to cut yourself off before you
enter the drunken phase!

Don’t Expect the World

Everyone can point to many favourite Christmas moments from the past. Yet, while it’s nice to have to
have pleasant memories of the festive period, this does come with a downside: it can raise the
expectations for all Christmases to come. If you go in with sky-high, unrealistic expectations, then
you’ll find it hard to relax. You’ll just be expecting too much. When Christmas rolls around, go into
it with an open mind and let whatever happens to happen. You’ll find it easier to relax and enjoy the
finer things about the season if you’re not trying to force too many things through.

Think Big Picture

Finally, remember to keep the true meaning of Christmas in mind. While you’ll hopefully have a great
time, there will be moments where you’re annoyed with your family, or you want to get your own way,
or whatever else. If you understand that the festive period is about love and understanding, you can
navigate these moments with ease. 

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