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It blows my mind to think that I am starting my second year as a Mum to 2! On one hand, it feels like the time has flown by and there wasn’t a time where Smidge wasn’t a part of our life but on the other, those days where it was just Pickle and I seemed so easy and I really did take them for granted.

I remember when I fell pregnant with Smidge, people would tell me that it wasn’t that bad going from 1 to 2 and how I’d already had 1 baby, so I knew what I was in store for. They were WRONG! There was so much that I wasn’t prepared for. Having one baby is relatively easy. You only have one little person to keep alive and they can take all your love and attention. If they need you, you are there. They want something, you can do it. You are theirs 100% and you don’t have to divide yourself. Then the new baby comes along and suddenly you have 2 little people who demand your attention and love. You must make the choice as to which one you make wait. Do you make the screaming hungry 1 month old wait or the 4 year old on the toilet who needs his bum wiped? You suddenly have to be in 2 places at once and it is not easy!

I was very lucky when Smidge was born that Pickle was super good. He was so attentive to his little brother and he wanted to help look after him so much. So much so that it almost became suffocating for Smidge and I had to make sure Pickle didn’t overwhelm him, but it was still hard. I would be feeding Smidge when Pickle would suddenly want to squeeze on my lap too for a cuddle. I obviously didn’t want to say no so I just bundled him on the best I could whilst juggling a breastfeeding baby. Now that Smidge is older it is easier as he has more of an understanding about waiting and taking turns (when he wants to?!) but sometimes it can still be hard to split myself for the 2 of them.

In saying all that, it’s not all doom and gloom though. Smidge is now 19 months and seeing the relationship between the 2 of them blossom is worth all the mum guilt from the first year of having 2. They are starting to play together. They laugh with and at each other. They fight too don’t get me wrong but find me siblings that don’t! They have started to form a bond that I know no one will ever be able to break and it makes my heart swell with pride to see it. Pickle looks out for Smidge and helps him and makes sure he doesn’t hurt himself (which is a regular occurrence with my smaller devil child!) and Smidge is constantly trying to get his brother approval by making him laugh and copying what his older brother does. At times it feels like they are tag teaming me and as much as it can drive me mad, I secretly love it as I know it’s them bonding.

So, as I go into my second year of 2 children I am excited. Excited to see how their relationship grows over the next year especially as Smidge is developing so quickly. I’m dreading the fighting as I know it’s only going to get worse but overall being a Mum of 2, as hard as it was at the start, is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for all the tea in China!

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