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If you’ve been following me on social media you’ll know that at the start of 2020 I rejoined Slimming world and so far over lost 1 stone and I couldn’t be happier. I rejoined slimming world for a number of reasons. Firstly I felt lime my eating habits had got out of control. I am an emotional eater and had got into a vicious sugar circle. Secondly, were we eating the same things week in, week out which wasn’t good for us. We had a lot of take aways and jars of sauces etc which was only bad for out waist lines, it was bad for out bank balances! And lastly, I’d got to the point where you size 20 clothes felt tight on me. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and I knew that it was affecting my health. I had no energy, fell asleep on the sofa all the time and wasn’t doing any exercise as it hurt my knees. It’s wasn’t a great place to be in. With me, when it comes to weight loss and getting fit I have to be in the right frame of mind to focus and commit to it so at the start of January I thought about things, got into the mindset and headed to rejoin.
I say rejoin because I’d doing slimming world for a while back in 2017. I’d lost just over a stone and actually really enjoyed the whole premise of it. I’d tried to rejoin a couple of times (like at the start of 2019) but my head and heart weren’t in it so it didn’t work. After a tough year in 2018 and carry those bad habits I’d developed through into 2019 I’d managed to balloon up to over 17 stone and boy could I feel it. I was almost the heaviest I’d ever been and I didn’t want to be like that anymore. I didn’t like photos of myself unless I’d taken them at a flattering angle, I felt so uncomfortable in my clothes and I just wasn’t happy. That’s why I knew I was ready to jump back into gaining control over my food and my body again. I find that to be successful with Slimming World you have to commit and see it as a lifestyle change rather than just a diet and I knew in my head at the start of this year I was ready to do it! 

At my largest in 2029
So far, I’m on my 6th week and I am loving it! I am really enjoying meal planning and finding new, slimming friendly recipes online and on Instagram particularly. I really like going to group each week. I’ve made friends there and can have a chat about how the week has been whilst I’m waiting to be weighed. I’ve got the most supportive and lovely consultant (Kerry) who is always there with words of encouragement and an open ear if you’re ever struggling. I’m loving following other slimmers and being inspired by their progress. I’ve made so many new online friends from sharing my journey and chatting to people and food and meal ideas. I feel like I’ve rejoined, grabbed the bull my by the horns and got some control back into my life and my eating habits and this has been reflected in the amazing loss I’ve had.

So to anyone out there who is thinking about starting slimming world I’d think first if you’re ready. Are you ready to commit and focus and break all of the bad habits that you’re in? Are you ready to meal plan and cook and regain some control when it comes to what you’re putting in your body? If you are ready then I was 100% recommend joining. Find a group where you feel welcomed, safe and in good company. Find a consultant who inspires you and who is a constant cheerleader. Download the app and don’t cut corners. Plan, plan, plan... track your syns, be honest with what you’re eating and also be kind to yourself. Off days are fine as long as you’ve recognised that it was a blip and you jump back on the wagon the next day!

To find your local group head to the Slimming world website here.

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