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I feel like there are moments in everyone’s lives that define us. Some remember those moments via milestones or experiences. Some may remember dates. For me, I feel that the moments in my life are defined by age. I remember celebrating my 18th birthday. I was wearing a Jane Norman prom dress style silky black and floral dress and I felt like the dogs doodahs! I went out clubbing with my closet friends and felt like I was living the dream. I remember turning 21 a spending my birthday moving into our pokey little flat. I remember how excited I was but yet how sad I felt to be leaving my parents and my home. I remember the party that we threw that weekend to celebrate my milestone birthday I remember hugging my mum in the kitchen, dancing with my Dad and looking around the room and wondering how I’d been so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Then there was the year I turned 25. I was 3 months pregnant with our precious little baby but it will still early days so not many people knew. Hubby and I went to London and he took me to see Matilda the music and I remember watching the children on stage singing “my mummy says I’m a miracle” and smiling at the miracle that was growing inside of me. That wast last birthday as just the two of us and now birthdays are filled with home made cards, never opening my own presents and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Life isn’t always sunshine and roses though, as we all know. My 26th year was a year filled with heart ache as we lost 3 members of the family that I loved dearly. Last year was also one that was filled with challenges but also huge growth. I turned 30 in a blaze of celebration and happiness. I had the most wonderful couple of weeks with my family and friends going to lots of exciting places and doing some lovely things but my head was still foggy. I’d had a rough end to 29 and had just started to pull myself out of the mental hole I’d managed to get stuck in when I turned 30 and it turned out that digging my way out of that hole was one of the best things I’d ever done.

During the last year I’ve learnt so much about myself and made so many changes to my life for the better. I’ve learnt to enjoy the simpler things in life. Rather than expensive holidays aboard we took 3 smaller trips to U.K. destinations and had the perfect time making memories that I will treasure for ever. I learnt how to take care of myself mentally and physically. I researched vitamins and supplements that would support me and my hormone balance and I joined slimming world to help me start to live a healthier life style. In the last 12 months I’ve learnt a lot about crystals, positive affirmations and spirituality. All of these things may feel a bit “voodoo” to some (my husband included!) but the strength I have taken from them and still do take has changed my outlook and attitude to life. I took steps to distance myself from people and places that don’t make me feel good about myself. I’ve learnt my worth and taken a Maria Kondo outlook on life in that if it doesn’t bring me joy then I need to say thank you but bye bye. It’s not been easy but it has been the best thing to do. My 30th year has been one filled with love, happiness, learning and growth and I will look back on it feeling grateful.

So what do I want from my 31st year? Well historically I don’t like odd years but when I look back, amazing things happen during odd years (the boys being born, buying our house and getting married where all in odd years) so I’m just going to roll with it. I want to carry on learning about myself and growing my understanding of how to support myself and be happy. I want to carry on exploring the world with my boys and adventuring with them. I want to carry on feeling happy, secure and content in my work and my marriage. I want to get my book finished (just casually throwing it in there that I’ve been writing a book!!) and attempt to get it published. I want to continue to spend time and make memories with my amazing family and my lovely friends. All pretty simple right? Well, maybe not the book but we will see how that pans out!

So as I enter the next year of my life I just want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for always reading and commenting and sharing and supporting. Thank you for being like an online (and some of you real life) cheer leading squad who is always there with words of encouragement and support. Thank you for following our journey and here’s to many more blog posts and adventures!

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