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Well, how life has changed?

When I last posted I was full of the joys of spring as I looked forward to my birthday, a break away to Scotland with my little crew and Mothers Day. Little did I know when i last wrote on here back at the start of March that everyone's lives were about to be flipped on their heads and become unrecognisable from what they were.

Unless you've been in hibernation in a cave then you will know that there has been a nasty virus spreading all over the world and claim the lives of tens of thousands of people. Many countries have taken action in their own ways but the U.K government decided 3 weeks ago that they would put the U.K in lock down. This virus is feral! It doesn't care if you are old, young, white, black, gay, straight...it has no preference. It affects people in different ways but the fact is that it is killing thousands and thousand of people around the world every single day. The U.K isn't testing many people in the grand scheme of things and you are only being tested if you are a NHS worker or if you are in hospital with the symptoms. Before things really kicked off and we got locked down I think we actually may have had it. Let me explain why and tell you about the most terrifying experience of my life..

So we went to visit Scotland for a press trip on the 22nd March. Prior to us leaving there had been no guidance from the Government about not travelling, there were no confirmed cases in the UK and the country seemed to be okay so we decided that we would go on our trip. We were driving and staying in a self contained lodge so therefore weren't going to be in close proximity to many people so we thought we'd be safe. We drove up to stay just outside the Lake district on the Sunday night and on the Monday morning we did the last leg of the 10 hour drive and arrived in the Loch Ness in Scotland. We were staying in the most beautiful place (anacrige lodges which I will do a full review on and a vlog on once all the craziness has died own) and we had 2 days of bliss. On the Tuesday evening Smidge suddenly fell ill. He woke up from a nap and was very shaky and boiling hot to the touch. I took his temperature (as I always have basically a mini pharmacy when we go anywhere!!) and he was up at 40!! We instantly gave him so calpol and ibuprofen which seemed to help. He ate quite a lot of his dinner and he seemed fine in himself so we just thought that maybe it was teeth or something. That night he went to bed and about an hour after he had been in ed he woke up crying. Once again he was boiling hot and when we checked him he was at 41! We stripped him off to his vest and nappy and I got on the phone to 111.

On Tuesday, Coronavirus had just started to hit so 111 was expectantly busy. I waited on the phone for over an hour to speak to someone whilst Hubs laid with Pickle, tried to sooth him all whilst trying to give him space so not to make him hotter. Whilst I was waiting for someone to answer he kept crying out and his little face looked so spaced out and not with it. It was terrifying. I kept checking his temperature and despite stripping him off and giving him all the medicine he could have, his temperature wasn't moving. I finally got through to the most helpful and kind lady who listened to my worried and said she needed to get a clinician to call me back. She reassured me that we'd done all the right things so far and that we just needed to wait for someone to call us back.

Whilst I waited for someone to call us back I tried to rationalise in my mind what was happening. Smidge had a temperature. He didn't have a cough and (back in March) a cough seemed to be the main thing that came with Coronavirus. At the time I honestly thought that he had tonsillitis. He had a history of getting it and when he's had it in the past it's always caused his temperature to sky rocket and we've always struggled to get it down. I didn't think he had Coronavirus.

After what felt like forever, we had a phone call back from a wonderful clinician. When she phoned I checked his temperature again and he was still at 41! I explained everything to the lady on the hone and I also explained about his previous history with tonsillitis. She thought the same as me and she prescribed him some hefty antibiotics and said she'd leave them at the A&E reception as she didn't want us to have to bring him in and risk him catching anything else. I was happy with this as I honestly thought that it was just tonsillitis and a couple of days on the antibiotics would sort him out so Hubs then did the 40 minute trip to the closest hospital to pick them up. We'd already decided that we were going to go home the next day as the whole ordeal was just so scary so whilst he was gone, I got to packing up as I knew it would be a long trip ahead of us the next day.

The next morning we packed up and did the 11 hour journey home. At this point the government had just started to introduce a bit of a lock down and it was so strange as all the service stations had no tables out that you could sit at to eat so we just nipped in, got food and went to the loo then got back in the car again. It was a long, crazy 11 hours and pulling up to our house at 9pm that night was just the best feeling ever.

We thought that that would be it and our ordeal would be over. Smidge was on his meds, we were home and had all of our comforts around us and we figured he would start feeling better soon We were so wrong! That night his temperature still was high. He then started to be sick and was really lethargic and not right. We managed to keep control of his temperature but it was still at 39 most of the time. We decided to just keep an eye on him as whilst his temperature was okay for the next couple of days he was still very lethargic, kept going very hot and wasn't himself at all.

So why do I think this may have been Coronavirus? Well usually if he gets tonsillitis he perks up and is back to normal after a couple of days on the antibiotics, that didn't happen this time and Coronavirus won't react to antibiotics as it's viral. He's never normally sick when he has tonsillitis and he hasn't been poorly for that long before as it was a good 4/5 days before he started to perk up again. Also, when he has tonsillitis he won't eat or drink as it hurts too much. He didn't have that issue this time and he didn't dribble a lot or indicate to us that his throat was hurting like he does when he has it normally. The other strange thing was that a few days after Smidge was poorly I then felt horrendous. I had a headache that wouldn't shift no matter what I did, I had a slight temperature and I also was aching like I'd been in the gym and I definitely hadn't been in the gym!! I was also exhausted to the point where I was falling asleep hours after I'd woken up after doing nothing all day long. Part of me thinks that we did have it as I'd never felt that way before and Smidge's illness wasn't like anything we'd experienced either. On the flip side, none of us had a cough or sore throat at all. But does everyone get that symptom? Did we just have a weaker strain? Seeing as we weren't tested when we were ill and there is currently no test to see if you've had Coronavirus and recovered then I guess we will never know but I can't help but wonder? 

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