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When lock down started just over 6 weeks ago I thought I had things all figured out. I scoured the web for home play ideas, saved tuff spot pictures I'd found, wrote a list of all the fun things we could do in the house and printed off reams of worksheets from Twinkl. I'd decided that we weren't going to work to a crazy strict schedule but that we would try to have some structure to our day. I'd planned to make sure everyone was dressed and had breakfast by 9am, then we'd go out for our walk or bike ride. When we got home the boys would do an activity of some sort for an hour or so whilst I was able to blog and catch up with emails. I'd planned lunch for 12 and then Smidge would go for his nap at 1.30. Whilst Smidge was sleeping I'd do home schooling with Pickle where he'd do worksheets, creative learning and what not. Then once Smidge woke up at about 3pm the boys would play with whatever toys I'd have set up for them until dinner time at 5pm where Hubs would finish work and be there to share the load. Sounds perfect right? I had thought that lock down would be the perfect chance for me to focus on my blog, write loads and even focus more on writing my book and making YouTube videos again. I mean, we can't go out anywhere and the boys would happily play and enjoy whatever activity I'd set out for them so why shouldn't I be able to do all these things?

Because I am a disillusioned idiot who's sole purpose in life is to survive lock down with her sanity that is why!!!

It's been 6 weeks since lock down started. 6 weeks of no school. 6 weeks of no childcare. 6 weeks of being teacher, chef, cleaner, activity planner, personal assistant, snack getter, mediator, referee...and everything else that all parents across the UK have suddenly become overnight. We have suddenly been plunged into being everything for our children and being with them 24/7 and it has been draining!!

Don't get me wrong, I thank my lucky stars that we are healthy, have a safe home, have a full fridge and have income. We are privileged and I appreciate that. But that doesn't mean I can't laugh at my former self for thinking that I would be able to use lock down to 'thrive' and 'grow'. How stupid I was!! I am in survival mode right now. I do whatever I need to do to get through the day with 2 children who seem hell bent on testing my mental stability. I've found that wine and lot's of muttering 'for fuck sake' under my breath have helped massively.

So what's the point of this post? Well, firstly it's to say that I am sorry to anyone who has felt the pressure to be the perfect lock down Mum thanks to people like me thinking that they can do it all. I can't! I can't be everything to everyone and I've learnt that that's okay! I'm okay with letting Pickle play of the switch for an hour or so whilst Smidge is napping so I can get an hour to blog and answer emails. I'm okay with giving the kids a biscuit so that I can scroll mindless through Instagram for 10 minutes to regain my sanity. I've made my peace with the fact that this is hard and some days will be good and other days will be a write off. Find me one parent who hasn't felt like a failure at some point during this lock down? Find me someone who thinks they are nailing it every single day? You won't because no one is!

Survive not thrive!

If every there has been a time to remember this phrase then it is now.

Survive not thrive!

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