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The U.K officially went into lock down on the 23rd March 2020. Schools and shops closed, people were told to stay at home and life as we know it changed for the foreseeable future. I've found the last 40 days to be a complete roller coaster of emotions. Some days I feel like I am smashing life. I am getting the kids motivated and educated, I am looking after myself and exercising and I'm connecting with the people around me doing bingo and quizzes like never before. Then come the days where everything feels overwhelming and I feel sad and angry. Sad that so many people are dying and angry that it is happening. I feel scared about what the future will look like. My heart hurts for my family and friends that I haven't seen for so long and who I miss more than I can say. The kids drive me insane and I just want to crawl into bed with a huge bar of chocolate, a bottle of wine and friends re runs on Netflix. It's hard when the bad days come but when they do I have to check in with myself and remind myself of all the good things that I have learn from lock down. That's why I thought I'd share 40 things I've learnt in the 40 days of lock down so I can look back and remember all the good things (and possibly not so good!) that I've learnt.

1. I never appreciated hugs and human contact before March 2020
2. I will never again underestimate spending time with our family and friends.
3. Technology is incredible! Imagine being in lock down without face time or zoom?!?
4. Smidge is a very fast learner and is like a tiny human sponge when it comes to absorbing everything that is going on around him.
5. Pickle is more like me than I realised and worries and stews on things just like I do.
6. Animal crossing is the best game ever (and yes that is coming from a 31 year old mother of 2!)
7. The switch was one of the best investments we ever made.
8. I love to garden more than I ever knew. I've planted seeds and grown so much since the start of this lock down and it's been a joy!
9. Teachers are super human beings who deserve all the credit in the world!! I do not know how they look after 30 children for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week! You have all my respect.
10. Children are entertained by the most basic of things. The highlight of lock down for Pickle and Smidge has been using spray bottles filled with water in the garden to spray everything.
11. I don't need a gym to work out, I just need some motivation.
12. I enjoy Hubby's company much more than I ever really appreciated.
13. Having a yummy smelling house is really important to me and wax melts are an essential item to me.
14. Home delivery shopping slots are something i will never take for granted again.
15. Walking straight into a shop and being able to get everything on my list is something I will never take for granted again.
16. Pasta, flour, yeast and toilet roll are things I will never take for granted again!!
17. Community spirit is a real thing and it is alive where we live.
18. I have never been more grateful to live where we do and to be surrounded by good neighbours.
19. I can bake an mean banana bread.
20. Having to move away from people when walking or moving aside so they can pass with 2 meters distance will never not feel weird.
21. Social media is the best for helping me feel less alone, making me feel in touch with so many people and showing me how others are coping.
22. Social media is the worst for making me compare myself, giving me unrealistic expectations of what I should be doing and how I should be maximising this time.
23. Smidge should not have access to pens, pencils or biro.
24. Bicarbonate of soda gets Biro off of white cupboards really well.
25. Tuff spot stuff always looks great on Instagram but doesn't work so great in real life.
26. Pickle is incredibly intelligent and very good at maths and English.
27. Never throw away or give away any arts and crafts stuff as you never know when you will need pipe cleaners and paper plates.
28. I am actually surprisingly resourceful and creative when it comes to activities for the kids.
29. I like wine more than I thought I did.
30. Sometimes my kids have the attention span of a fish but others they will play with something for hours on end and there is no rhyme or reason to it!
31. Working from home whilst trying to look after 2 children is unbelievably hard and I have huge respect for my hubby for managing it for 2 days a week whilst I am at work.
32. Some people are absolute dick heads who don't understand social distancing, how to stay at home and what essential travel and shopping is.
33. Some people are incredible human beings for fighting the virus on the front line, raising money for the NHS and supporting the vulnerable and elderly in our communities.
34. The huge death toll we are facing in the country could have been avoided.
35. I love reading more than I remembered.
36. Amazon kindle library is worth the money.
37. I will forever feel grateful to work for the company that I do and to have the support that they have given during this time.
38. I don't have a lot of friends but the ones that I do are the best and I love them more than they know.
39. Sometimes just because you think you have an obligation to have people in your life doesn't mean you have to if they are toxic. I will never entertain toxic people in our lives again no matter who they are.
40. I swear a lot more (under my breath) than I ever thought or knew that i did!

So there you have it! 40 things I've learnt during 40 days of lock down. How many of them can you say you've learn? Think I've missed anything out? Let me know in the comments!

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