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Note - some of the items mention in this post were sent to us for review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

If you've read my blog for a while then you will know that at the start of last year I made a commitment to try and be more eco. I made small changes like using reusable face wipes with cleansing water instead of one use make up wipes. We use an eco egg in our washing rather than bottles of softener and washing tablets. I changed from tampons and pads to a menstrual cup and reusable sanity items. We have tried to make small changes to help our environment and waste less. When lockdown hit and people started to go nuts bulk buying everything and leaving nothing in the shops, I started to think even more about things that I could reuse and didn't need to buy each week or month. 7 weeks later and even though the stock levels in the shops seem to have returned to normal, we are sticking with changes that we've made during this time as we have less waste and plastic but also spend less at the shops too so I thought I'd share what we've done to be more eco during lock down. 

1. Turning to bars (and no, I don't mean the pub!)
Prior to lockdown we had made the switch from bottles of body wash to bars of soap. We brought a little crochet soap bag from our local refill room which is great as it helps it lather up more and found we didn't miss bottled shower gels or soap at all. Using bars of soap got me thinking about what else we could substitute in our bathroom and one thing that I found was shampoo and conditioner bars. Biovene Barcelona very kindly sent us a couple of samples of their solid shampoo and conditioner bars and Hubby and I were amazing. They do 5 different formulations which are dermatologist tested, plastic free, PH balanced and contain no sulphates, parabens or palm oil. Biovene Barcelona is a brand that does more about care about your hair. They are trying to do their bit as a cooperate brand to support the environment. They support global environmental projects such as Plant For Planet's Foundation and also cleanbeachinitaive.org, both who actively support a cleaner, greener planet. So these little bars aren't only great for your hair, they are great for the environment and our world too! We found that when the bar is used every day (hubby washes his hair daily) that they lasted about 3 weeks which, when you consider that that is about the same time as it would take Hubby to go through a bottle of shampoo, is going to be a huge saving of plastic waste from us. Biovene Barcelona bars are available from lovelulula.com, Amazon and biovene.co.uk

2. Get in your pants! 
Last year I made the switch from disposable sanity items and started to use a menstrual cup. I love it for the first few months until I was sent a pair of period pants which changed my menstrual life! I've been using period pants for about 9 months now and I love them! At first I thought that they wouldn't feel 'fresh' or 'clean' but I can honestly say that they are the most comfortable pair of pants that I own. ModiBodi is a leading brand in sustainable, leak-proof & period proof underwear and their new campaign of having a #nopanicperiod could not have come at a better time! At the start of lockdown we had to self isolate for 2 weeks because Smidge fell ill. During those 2 weeks I had my period and it was such a relief to know I could just head to the draw and grab a pair of my period pants without having to worry about running our or going to the shops to buy more. No waste, no plastic and no panic! Perfect! You can find the full range from ModiBodi here

3. Going green in the kitchen
We've been making more eco choices when it comes to the kitchen for a while. We buy loose fruit and veg where possible, buy local from greengrocers and try to use our local refill room when possible but I've always want to do more when it comes to the kitchen as I feel like that is where most of our waste comes from. The lovely people at Smidge (love their name!) sent us some great alternatives to plastic and I have been super impressed! They very kindly sent us their BeesWax roll which is a great alternative to plastic, single use cling film. It comes in a roll meaning you can cut it to the sizes you want which I think is a great idea AND you can also purchase beeswax fresher sets for when your wraps become a little less clingy and need some help bring brought back to life which I love! They also sent us one of their incredible Chopping boards which are unbelievable made from recycled salvaged paper! The board is dishwasher safe (huge plus as our bamboo ones aren't), won't blunt knives and is oven safe too! Smidge have a whole range of products that not only look amazing but that look after the environment too so if you want to go green in the kitchen I'd recommend having a look at their website. 

4. Grow your own
I've always liked the idea of growing my own veg but I've never really made the time to do it. Lockdown was the perfect excuse for me to get some seeds, order a green house and get planting and I have loved it. Currently we have strawberries, peas, melons, tomatoes, basil and much more growing in our little plastic covered green house in the garden. It was so simple to set up once we had all the bits we needed. I actually signed up for a subscription box through the Prickle Parlour where we are sent 5 or 6 different sets of seeds each month along with instructions for how to plant them and I have loved growing different bits each month. 

5. Brushing sustainably
Have you thought about how much waste brushing your teeth causes? As a family we probably go through at least 2 tubes of tooth paste a month and none of the parts from those tubes are recyclable. Until now! Colgate have created a brand new range of toothpaste that has everything you need and nothing that you don't (their tag line, not mine!). Their brand new Smile for Good toothpaste has 99.7% natural origin products which comes in a recyclable tube inside a recyclable carton! Whats more, Colgates mission is to make all of their products fully recyclable by 2025 and this tooth paste is a great first step. This product is slightly on the higher price range when it comes to tooth paste but hopefully the more that is purchased, the more other toothpaste brands will start to think more eco too. 

So there you have it! These are the small steps we have been taking to try to be more eco during lockdown. We still don't know how long lockdown will last but one thing that I am sure about is that we won't be stopping our new eco habbits any time soon.  

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