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2 years ago today was the day that our family became complete.
2 years ago today was the day that my baby became a brother. 
2 years ago today was the day that the hole in my heart that I never knew was there was filled. 
2 years ago today was the day that you came into our lives, Smidge. 

1 year ago today I sobbed into my prosecco at the thought of my baby turning 1. 
1 year ago today we had a huge BBQ with all of our friends and family to celebrate your first year. 
1 year ago today we celebrated the toddler you were becoming and I cried for the baby you were leaving behind. 
1 year ago today I had no of the adventure the next 12 months would bring.

Today you turn 2 years old. 2 years of loving you, cuddling you and kissing you. 2 whole years! It feels like so much longer as I can't imagine life without you. I can't remember what I was like without you, what Pickle was like without his brother and what Hubs was like without his other team mate. The last 12 months have been crazy. I thought I knew you completely a year ago but in the last 12 months you'v grown into such a character and a little personality. You've gone from being our terrorising, non sleeping, cuddle loving, food demolishing 1 year old into a funny, crazy, non sleeping and still cuddle loving, Peppa Pig obsessed 2 year old.

You love a good fight and always give as good as you get if you get into a scuffle at toddler group. 

You fake scream if ever you see a fly or a bug but as soon as you've screamed your back trying to poke it or pick it up.

You love to dig anywhere and everywhere and love to be outside exploring. 

You have no fear and climb everywhere and jump off of everything you can! 

You do the funniest things and I really struggle to understand how your curious and inquisitive brain works sometimes. Some of my favourite moments were when got your head stuck in a toilet training seat, when you stuck plastic toy donuts to your feet and walked around on them like little high heels and when you thought it was a good idea to eat paint!

You love your brother more than you let on. You two may argue and fight but there are moments when you can see just how much you love and look up to your big brother. 

You are Peppa Pig obsessed! Toys, clothes, TV programme, music, cuddly toys, yogurts, raisins...you name it...if it's Peppa then you want it! One of my favourite things is when you sing the Peppa Pig theme tune. It's so unbelievably cute! 

Lockdown as been a blessing in disguise for you. I think you've found it hard it a way because now things are starting to get back to some sort of normality you've found it hard but the time we've got to spend with you has been incredible. We've spent 12 weeks as a family and it's been wonderful for us but really good for your development.

Your speech is coming along at such a pace now. You can say Mum, Dad, Nan, Grandad, Maise, your brothers name, No, Yes, no more, more, thank you, Peppa (obvs!!), night night, hello, bye, bubble, ball, birthday, scissors, two, back, hat, car, mine, bad, banana, melon, Dum dum (dummy) and so much more! 

You love to sing and dance and it is just the cutest thing to see. You quite often sing to yourself and your favourite songs are row row and wind the bobin up. 

You love to play with things that need your imagination like your kitchen, little character based toys and role play things. You aren't interested in puzzles but you love a book especially if it’s lift the flap or touchy feely.

You have very strong opinions about you who you like and dislike. You also go through stages where certain people are the only ones allowed to do certain things. At the moment I am the only one that you want to get you dressed and the other day grandad was the only person who was allowed to wipe your face.

You can sometimes be so testing and so demanding and sooooo naughty but your face saves you every time! You have a face like butter wouldn’t melt and eyes that make people forgive you for any thing, so you’re lucky!! Not sure if this will be a blessing or a curse as you get older.

You’re funny, loving, crazy, kind, ruthless, intense, imaginative, cute and cheeky. You are our storm in a tea cup and we love you more than you will ever know.

Thank you for another year Smidge. I count our blessings that we get to be your parents and watch you grow and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you.

Happy 2nd Birthday Smidge ❤️

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  1. My favourite moment was when your brother went to the toilet and you swopped a pizza slice for your toast crusts,, ����you are just way to cute my lite Scrumbun.