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NOTE: This post is a review of a free plan we were gifted for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you will know that at the start of this year I re-joined Slimming world again in an attempt to feel healthier and lose some weight. I am a huge advocate for loving yourself and your body BUT I am also an advocate of doing what you want to do to feel good about yourself. COVID – 19 hit and I fell off the slimming world wagon hard. 3 months being in lockdown with the kids at home meant that we did a lot of baking, a lot of cooking and a lot of snacking. All the weight I had lost at slimming world was back plus some more! At the time when we were baking brownies every week and eating a crazy amount of food, I was happy. It was our coping mechanism to get through lockdown and as much as I did not regret it, something needed to change as my lifestyle was becoming unhealthy. When Laura, an independent consultant from the 1:1 diet got in touch asking if I’d like to try a 2-week programme with her I figured that I had nothing to loose so I jumped straight in. In fact, the plan looked so good that Hubby even joined in with me!

What is it?

The 1:1 diet (previously called the Cambridge diet) is a nutritionally safe programme that has been scientifically proven to encourage weight loss. The plan centres around the 1:1 meal replacement foods and drinks which give you all the nutrients and minerals you need every day whilst being low in calories and helping you to lose weight. There are a few different steps to the plan meaning that you can tailor the diet to suit you and your lifestyle. The best part about this plan is that you have a consultant who is there for you every step of the way. They are there for support, guidance and advice and having that 1:1 element really helps with accountability and being able to be honest with how the plan is going.

How does it work?

We discussed our plan with Laura (our consultant) and decided that we wanted to go for a step where we had 3 meal replacement products per day plus a low-calorie meal. There are other steps where you only have the products, but we wanted to be able to eat dinner as a family and have a meal each day. The typical way that the days went was that we’d have a 1:1 shake in the morning, another 1:1 product for lunch, our low calorie dinner and then one of the 1:1 sweet treat items in the evening. Each 1:1 product is around 200 calories so you loose weight by reducing the number of calories you are consuming whilst still actually eating and not feeling hungry. The other part of this diet that is so important is water. Drinking what is important anyway but we really focussed on making sure we drank at least 2.5 litres of water each day.

What support do you get?

As I mentioned above, we had an amazing consultant called Laura. She has worked through the programme herself and actually lost a staggering 5 stone in just 12 weeks! When we first joined Laura spent a lot of time with us on a facetime call explaining all of the different options and working with us to tailor make the plan right for us. She explained all of the different steps (for example step 1 is solely products and you can only be on it for 12 weeks maximum before introducing food where as the other steps involve low calorie meals) and she set us up so we were ready and raring to go. Laura checked in with us each day to see how we were getting on and if we needed anything. It was amazing to have someone there who knew first had what she was doing as she'd done it herself. 

What is the food like?

This is something that I have been asked so much and, as always, I will be completely honest in my review. Let’s start with the shakes. We both absolutely loved them. There are a huge range of different flavours, but our favourites were the chocolate ones and the Carmel biscuit shake. They were super yummy and so easy to prepare as you just mix with cold water. Next up you have the meals and soups. We tried a few of the different options and I think it is all down to personal preference as to what you like and dislike. I really liked the cottage pie whereas Hubby wasn’t too keen whereas he loved the spaghetti Bolognese, but I didn’t like it. The great thing is that there are so many options to choose from. Over the space of the 2 weeks we tried quite a few of them and our favourites were the Chicken Tikka Curry, Thai curry noodles and the pesto pasta. The great thing about these meals is that they are so easy to make and literally take a couple of minutes which is perfect for busy Mums like me. Finally, we have the bars and bites. These are incredible and we both loved them. These are basically chocolate bars and little bags of chocolate but without the horrendous number of calories included.  Our favourites were the Chocolate chewy bar, the salted caramel bites, and the mint bites. YUM!!

What about cost?

Aside from what are the meals like, the price is the other big question that I seem to be asked. Price does vary from consultant to consultant but on average you only pay £2.95 per product. There is no subscription fee or monthly membership and we found that we were spending less each week on our food shop as we were having products so needed to buy less food.

Did we see results?

This is the million-dollar question isn’t it? Well, we did 2 weeks on the programme and all in all we lost a huge 2 stone and 2 pounds! We also felt the difference within ourselves. I felt more energised and could see the difference in my body. My clothes feel looser and I have had people mentioning to me that I look good and healthy. We definitely saw results and that was thanks to Laura and all the support and guidance she gave us.

Final thoughts.

This diet was a great way for us to kick ourselves out of the lockdown funk and to start eating healthily and with sensible portion sizes again. I think the way that the plan is stepped is great as it allow the plan to be personalised. I really believe that it is a great way to loose some weight and start yourself on the right path to eating healthily and feeling good within yourself again.

To find out more about the 1:1 diet then you can head over to the website here and to find out more about our consultant then check outher page here!

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