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Note: this item was sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

If your children are anything like mine, then they love a blind bag or surprise style toy. Pickle loves nothing more than opening a mystery bag but I often find that the toys inside are one hit wonders that get played with for all of 5 minutes and 2 minutes of that time is the opening of the bag itself! They never seem to have any longevity and I also really hate the waste that comes with these types of toys. Ravel Tales Collectable toys break the mould when it comes to surprise toys and I am so impressed with their new range and everything that is included.

Ravel Tales are cute little characters that come from a little fictional shop called ‘The Last Strand’ and they live comfortably snuggled up inside a little ball of yarn until your little one unravels them and becomes their BFF!

Inside each box is a whole host of fun surprises including:

Your brand-new cuddle friends

A thin colour string that you can make a friendship bracelet and pom pom from

2 pad pieces to make a cushion for your new pet from

A thick colourful yarn to stuff your new friends’ pillow with

A thinner colourful string to sow your cushion together with

2 button charms to decorate your bracelet with

Pickle loved this toy so much. He was so excited as he unravelled the yarn from the outside of the ball and the fact that the yarn was so long really heightened the excitement as it took him a while to get to his little cuddly toy inside the ball. He really enjoyed making the pom pom and the pillow for his new friend although he did find it a little difficult and needed a lot of help from me. As much as he loved this toy and he wants more of them, I think that they may be better suited to slighter older children (Pickle is almost 6) as they would be able to do the craft activities a little more independently.

What I loved about this toy was that it was great value for money in my opinion. They are available from Argos for £10 and Smyths Toys for £9.99 and when you consider that your little one will get a cuddly toy, a friendship bracelet, pom pom and a cushion, I think it’s a bargain! The other thing I loved about Ravel Tales is that there was little to no waste. Pretty much everything that you get can be used so it makes it really eco friendly and kind to the environment.

With 12 different characters to collect I think we have found Pickles new favourite set of collectables! He has already asked if he can have some more for his birthday, so I think it is safe to say that Ravel Tales have been a hit for him!

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