Learning about emotions with Love Monster | Review

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Anyone who knows my family and I will know that Pickle is a little bit of a sensitive soul. He is super kind and gentle and prides himself of looking after the people around him. Even his school report focused on the fact he is so kind and considerate to others. Because he is so sensitive it can sometimes be hard for him to understand and decipher all his emotions. He does not understand why all people cannot be kind to one another and he gets very upset when him, or anyone he loves is sad or feeling down. When we came across the Love Monster series on Cbeebies I knew that it was going to be something great for him to watch and something that would hopefully help him in understanding all the big emotions he has right now, especially with lockdown and bubbles and goodness knows what else.

But what is Love Monster? Well, Love Monster is a TV series that is currently on Cbeebies or iPlayer and is based on the books of the same name by Rachel Bright. The series follows the adventures of the loveable and not at all scary Love Monster as he learns about making the right choices. He navigates the challenges of looking a bit funny and feeling lots of different emotions which, in turn, teaches the children watching how to cope with the same emotions Love Monster is feeling. As Love Monster goes about his day in Fluffytown he learns about sharing with others, accepting yourself, loving one another and so much more… it is honest a show that is filled with so many brilliant moral messages and emotional support. As a parent, I love what this show teaches my children. I’s much rather they watch something that teaches them about kindness and compassion rather that something mindless or silly.

We were lucky enough to be sent 2 of the Love Monster books which the TV show is based on along with some other exciting Love Monster goodies including some activity sheets and exclusive access to some fun Love Monster episodes.

Pickle absolutely loves this show and the Love Monster character. He had already watched a lot of the episodes on Cbeebies and now he has the books, he loves the series even more! These books are brilliant as they are simple enough for him to read with a little help from me and they have beautiful illustrations which help tell Love Monsters story.

You can catch Love Monster throughout the week on Cbeebies or on BBC I-player.

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