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NOTE: This items were sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and our own. 

How many times has your little one asked for a pet? OR how many pets do you have, or have you had thanks to the kids and their promising to look after them? Pets are a huge commitment what with remembering to clean them out, feed them, play with them, give them exercise... the list is endless and, let’s be honest, with the majority of children once the initial excitement of having a pet wears off, it is us parents that are left with yet another thing to sort out and look after. Well... not anymore!!! Thanks to Little Live Pets, your little one can have all the fun of having a pet without the boring bits that you end up doing. 

They are lifelike, last for as long as their batteries do so no need to worry about having to explain flushing Goldie the fish down the toilet and they do not need any expensive or time-consuming care. They are fun, easy, and perfect for any pet loving kid!

Recently we were very kindly sent 2 items from the Little Life Pets range and prior to receiving them we had never played with anything like it before. I had seen the adverts and knew what they were about, but I wasn’t sure how much fun they would really bring. Turns out... A LOT of fun!!

These two toys are aimed more at Pickle who is almost 6 years old rather than Smidge who is 2. The first one Pickle opened was the super cute Season 10 Lil Bird (RRP £9.99) which is has named chirpy! This pink, animatronic bird moves his beak and head whilst chirping and singing tunes and melodies. It has a sensor on its back, so it reacts whenever it is strokes and petted and the more you pet it, the happier it gets and the chirpy it sings. Pickles favourite part of this toy was the talk back function which brought him endless fun! There is a button on the front of the bird which, when pressed, records whatever you little one says and repeats it back to them a little bit like a parrot. Pickle found it hilarious that he could get the bird to learn what he was saying and it was a really good feature in my opinion.

Pickle was also lucky enough to receive the Little Live PetsLil’ Dippers Playset which exceed my expectations! The set that Pickle was sent came with a tank, some decorative weed and 1 of the Little Life Pets Lil’ Dippers Fish. He was also sent an additional fish which came in a separate bag. The Lil’ Dippers Playset has an RRP of £24.99 and the Lil’ Dippers fish is £12.99 both of which I think are great value for money given how much Pickle has played with them. The packaging that the fish come in actually has a dissolvable seal so to release the fish into their new tank you hold the bag shaped packet in the water until the fish starts to “swim” and swims its way out of the bag! It makes it look so realistic and I think I enjoyed this part just as much as pickle. 

The fish themselves are realistic and have some great features. They have magnetic mouths which means your little one can feed the fish using the special feeder provided, they have an automatic shut off after 10 mins and they also turn of when they are removed from water and their sensors dried. We quickly learn that it is not just the tank where you can have fun with these fish. We have had them in the bath and the paddling pool in the garden! Pickle loved being able to paddle along beside them and they really gave him so many hours of fun!

Both toys were brilliant! Not just for Pickle as he got to have the experience of having a pet but for us too as we did not have to worry about feeding them or clearing out their tanks or cadges!! To find out more about the huge range that Little Live Pets offers AND for the chance to win Little Live Pets prizes make sure you head over to their website:



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