Peppa Pig Shopping Centre | Review 

NOTE: This item was sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and our own. 

In the lead up to Christmas there are always some great toy releases and recently we were sent something that is sure to be at the top of any little Peppa Pig fans Christmas list!

Now I'm sure you've seen before that my 2 year old is a Peppa Pig nut! He literally eats , sleeps and breathes Peppa and out of all the ridiculous amount of Peppa Pig toys he has, I can honestly say that this new is his most played with and his go to. Introducing the Peppa Pig Shopping Centre Playset. 

There is so much for your little one to play with in this set. The shopping centre itself is big enough for your little one to not get bored quickly but it is still light enough to allow them to pick it up and move it around if they want. There are two floors to the shopping centre with different shops on each level. The set comes with 2 little trolleys, a couple of little product display stands, 2 tills and a table for the food court. Smidge loves using his imagination and taking Peppa and her family shopping and I love it because anything that encourages him to use and expand that little mind of his is a winner with me! 

There is also a fully working lift inside this shopping centre which Smidge loves to play with. You pop Peppa in the lift and then push a button to transport her up to the second floor. Smidges favourite part of this toy though is the working microphone and sound box! At the top of the shopping centre there is a detachable purple box with comes with a microphone that acts like a little announcer (think "clean up in aisle 3" type thing) and also some buttons that when pressed play music and a till noise. From a parents point of view, this sound box is great as it's not too loud and the sounds only play for a few seconds so it's not super annoying like some electrical toys! 

This Peppa Pig Shopping Centre playset is available from Argos for just £40 which is a great price in my opinion because of the hours of fun that it has brought Smidge! 

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