Dream Digger Toys! | Cat Toys Review

Note – These items were sent to use for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are honest and our own.

Smidge is obsessed with diggers! He has to have them on his clothes, on his bedding and loves nothing more than a trip to the local tip so that he can see the diggers there. He has had numerous digger and construction toys, but none ever get played with as much as the Cat Toys that we have. Now Smidge has even more diggers to add to his collection as we were very kindly sent a bundle of Cat Toys for him to test out.

Any kind of digger is winner for Smidge, but the Cat Toys always seem to be his favourite. They are chunky enough for his little hands to hold and play with whilst still being light and movable. In contrast to a lot of the other digger toys Smidge has had, these toys seem really robust, and we are yet to have any of the movable parts break, which is what normally happens with his construction toys as they are played with so much.

In the bundle we were sent some of the toys from the Cat range that are perfect for indoor or outdoor play! We were sent:

Cat Power Hauler Vehicles 

Cat Mini Crew Vehicles

Cat Little Machines Pack 

Smidge loves each of these for different reasons. The mini crew vehicles and little machines are perfect for him to take into his sand pit for a bit of sensory plan. He loves nothing more than using the toys to dig in the sand and to help him whilst his building his next sandcastle. The larger Power Hauler vehicles are amazing as they have buttons and sounds on them. If I’d let him, he’d have them outside in a shot too, but I prefer him to keep these inside to play with kinetic sand so that they don’t get wet and break.

Overall, I can’t recommend the Cat Toy range enough if you have a digger obsessed little one like me. They are great for younger children as they are durable and robust whilst being super fun and a great way to encourage some sensory and educational play.

You can find the full range in store or online at Tesco as well in other good toy stores.

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